non-profit over night camp for boys and girls from 3rd grade through 8th grade

Camp Tamarack

Camp Activities

Campers are placed in one of six cabins. Each cabin has approximately 10 to 12 campers. Each cabin has 2 counselors.

During the first three full days at camp, the day is very structured. In the morning, the campers eat breakfast and attend an activity of their choosing. Most activities have two staff members supervising the campers. The activities include water games, canoeing, fishing, sports camp, arts and crafts, archery, tie dying, and drama. After lunch, campers choose an afternoon activity, and then reconvene for swim time, the walk/run and candy store. Before dinner, the campers participate in basketball, kickball or volleyball with their cabin.

Water Sports at Camp Tamarack

Water Sports at Camp Tamarack

After dinner, the campers play night games that include capture the flag, field games, and the great escape (a cross between Fear Factor and American Gladiators). The night ends with showers, and evening song. During the evening sing-a-long, Mary Lou Flandrick (who has attended every camp since 1970) focuses on the camp theme, we sing camp songs, and campers perform skits from the activity periods.

Girls Week

On the final full day of camp, campers participate in our version of the Olympics. This includes relay races, a pudding drop, and belly flop among other events. During the week, campers earn points for doing good deeds, showing up to events on time, and these points are used to pick a shaving cream fight, pizza party, ice cream float party, and late-night s’mores. In the evening, each cabin performs a drama skit, and a final evening song is held. The night ends with an all-camp bonfire.